We have such a variety of activities in S2S! Enjoy of some of the pictures capturing those memories that will stay in our minds for a long time.


Kjell and Anki hurrying up to change the
image so we don’t get confused about the
relationship between turtles and salvation

Our first Saturday together, and going out
for a morning at the museum

This is how Visby looked just before we
arrived to S2S!

Pekka showing Peter the approximate location
of Frälsningsarmen

We have made a habit out of not letting
our teachers to go for fika!

Fellowship meal after classes and before
one of our teachers leaves

Fika after Sunday service!

Being asked to draw what was our image
of salvation…

It is not what it looks like! No, Peter would
never hit Miriam. He is too kind. And she is
too strong.

Peter showing Pekka where The Fall

A winter view of Frälsningsarmen

Emma and Beppe, mother and son


Not that we actually broke the law and were punished with it. No, the idea popped up, S2S students agreed on it and, before we were aware of it, the day arrived. Provided with trash pickers and big black plastic bags, out we went on our cleaning adventure. We didn’t need to wait to get out of the West Gate of the wall to start picking litter every few meters, and I personally obtained for my bag one of the strangest things found on the outing: a pan. A frying pan. Seriously. I mean, what was a frying pan doing lying down on the street? Nevertheless, we continued with our journey until we got to the place where we were supposed to start.

The original idea was not to get separated from the group, but soon it became obvious that if we wanted to do a good job, or at least as good as it could be done, we had to spread. The space was just too big and we wanted to finish someday, preferably before we started a new week of lectures (next week is all about God’s Father’s heart!). And then it happened. At the beginning, you would find an occasional paper or can. You would keep walking and, yes, some more. But then, as you keep going, you start noticing other things, even between the snow (which was kind enough to try to hide them from us falling just yesterday). The more time I spent picking up trash, the more I would see it. Everywhere. Even in places where I already had being, so I ended up retracing my steps, finding more and more things that I had overlooked. Rubbish everywhere, even when I didn’t want to see it anymore!

All of this gave me a lot of time to think (yes, I can do it from time to time, given the right conditions) and my thoughts ended up in the spiritual track. My ideas floated around our relationship with Jesus and how, when we receive Him, we start seeing things in us that are simply wrong. If we keep looking, we see even more, and it may come a moment when we want to ignore things because it is more comfortable that way, because other people apparently already saw it and it didn’t seem to bother them, or just because we try to convince ourselves that it is not necessary, that it is not so bad compared to other things. But as long as we want to stay in a relationship with Him you just cannot stop seeing it there, waiting for you to deal with it the only way there is: by giving it up to Him.

One other thing came to my mind, particularly when I already had a lot of weight in my plastic bag (no wonder considering that I had a frying pan inside, plus around 100 glass bottles. Ok, make that number a fifth of that) and went to leave it on the dumpster: that when you give up all those things to Jesus you don’t need to sort them out according to the level of ugliness, what you or others consider more aggravating  or any other classification. You just surrender them and let Him dispose of it. Which, thinking about the recycling system in Sweden, really makes a huge difference. =)


The bold adventurous rubbish-pickers!

The article about our adventure (almost)
as it appeared on the newspaper

So. Saved 2 Save training school is finished for this year. But a new school is starting in january 2011, and now we have gone to Stockholm to the Salvation Army´s World Youth Convention to tell the whole world* about S2S.

(*maybe not the entire whole world, but at least the over 1000 delegates from around 90 countries that we have the privilege to meet during these days.)

We are sharing a tent with some great people from Jeløy Folkehøyskole from Norway and the War College from Canada.

In our corner we have a bunch of packages waiting to be picked up by all the different groups, so if you have a friend that´s here at the Convention, ask them for information about S2S when they get back home.

We´ll get back soon with some more photos from the whole Convention.

Hi! This is my first and last blog post 🙂
I chose to be a part of S2S because my heart was crying for something that I felt no other course could give…
I wanted Quality time with God and I wanted to burn with passion for His purposes.

I recomend anyone who wants the same thing, to give S2S a chance.
You will find what you are looking for.

Spending time with God can only lead to one thing- A greater love for Him.
And a greater love for Him also leads to a greater love for His purposes.
Be blessed!


Nu har jag lämnat Visby för ett tag och tagit farväl av de sista vännerna som jag träffat dagligen de senaste fem månaderna. Det kommer att kännas tomt efter alla nya vänner och jag saknar redan den gemensamma morgonbönen, undervisningen, gemenskapen och lovsången.
Under tiden på Saved 2 save har jag definitivt lärt känna mig själv bättre, både mina begränsningar och styrkor. Jag har fått tillfälle att låta Gud arbeta med mig och återupprätta mig. Jag har blivit modigare och känner ett större hopp inför framtiden. Alla mina böner har inte blivit besvarade som jag tänkt men det avgörande är att jag känner förtröstan och börjar komma tillbaka till det viktigaste i livet.
Jag har fått en ny glädje i Gud och en ny längtan att sprida evangeliet. När jag sökte kursen såg jag mest fram emot första halvan ”saved”. Vad jag har märkt är att det första automatiskt ger en längtan till det andra. Det är ingen slump hur kursen är upplagd. När jag förstår mer om Guds kärlek får jag en större kärlek till andra människor och vill att de ska känna sig älskade av Gud på samma sätt som jag gör.
Jag har även fått upp ögonen för Bibeln igen och hoppas innerligt att jag kommer att fortsätta mina nya bibelläsningsvanor även efter kursen. (Ni som känner mig får gärna påminna mig!)
På utvärderingarna och coachingen har jag fått sätta ord på vad veckans undervisning handlat om och vad det har betytt för mig. Detta gör att undervisningen sjunker in djupare och jag har blivit bättre på att uttrycka mig både på svenska och engelska.
Att gå en träningsskola i min hemförsamling har gett mig förståelse för hur mycket arbete som finns att göra i en kyrka och att det är mitt eget ansvar att hugga i. Eleverna tas emot med öppna armar av församlingen och det finns gott om tillfällen att tjäna i församlingen och möjligheter att prova sina vingar. Jag har hittat ett par områden som jag finner glädje att tjäna inom. Lärljungaträningen är inte slut, den fortsätter hela livet.

Emelie Gudsdotter

Saved2save school is now over for me. Everyone is looking forward to the future and what way forward and how life is going to be out there. Sadly others have packed there bags and left already. I sit here alone and recall the wonderful memories that i have experienced in the last 5 months or so, but the question is how has saved2saved changed my perspective of life, what has it really meant to me and was it really worthy being here?
Well the answer is , yes. I do not regret coming here and I’m glad that did that. Saved2save has actually changed not only my beliefs but my understanding, views and perspectives about myself, others, the world in general and God(Christianity). I came here as a hopeless angry,person with very low self image and low moral conscious but today i would stand up high with my head held up straight and declare that am of great value and it doesn’t matter what i have done before or what has be said about me or what everyone thinks about me. God loves me and He has always loved me and thinks highly of me just like He thinks about you. My being here has not been by chance, it was by divine appointment. God has taken away my anger, and exchanged it with happiness, He took away my hate and replaced it with love. He took my hopelessness and replaced it with a hope and a vision.God has showed me other ways of having fun and am happy, He set me free and he is still working on me, to make me who i ought to be. so don’t judge me yet.
I just also thought i could mention a bit about has been behind this and how each one in someway or the other helped or lead me. I will start with the resident teachers.
Anki, well, Anki has been a great inspiration, a prayerful woman with a great vision for the school. I felt so safe knowing she was around and i thank God for her caring heart for others and her hate for devil. Anki has been a mother to us. Kjell not only has been a Father to the students but has been a great teacher just like Anki. He provided cakes from unknown sources for the tea breaks. He is also a very wonderful person to be around with, quick to correct but with love. Great smile and sense of humour always ready to listen. I found it easy to speak to Kjell about almost anything but only when the conversation has begun. Peter, Great teacher with alot of humour. Interesting to hear his stories. felt more comfortable to be around someone who has lived in Zambia. Last but not the least is our beloved discipleship teacher Miriam. Also impossible to miss her presence in the house. no matter which flow you are at. she is the singing bird proud of her sweet voice and will almost always sing to anything that comes up. Am glad that i still have the whole summer to get to know everyone well and to learn from them.
The students now. First is Emilie, Meant alot to me, Kind and focused young lady. Been great to meet and to share ideas and knowledge about Christianity and friendship. there is a lot i could mention but i Will just say, i learnt a lot. Peter and Myf, I could see something great in this couple and i believe God is doing something wonderful for his church through them. Always punctual for Prayers, class etc. Been great to pray with Peter and just to know that i could trust him. Kind, friendly and calm. Myf, great personality straight forward young lady, always eager to learn or to stand up for what she believes. meant a lot to me. Lanre, always willing to share thruogh singing and dancing. quick to encourage others and to share the gospel. Gerd, wonderful person with a nice personality, Prayerful and always cheerful person. Talented singer always thankful. Daniel, Humble young man with a bright future. Interested in cars and Dream theater but also in God. Taught me to be proud in my Salvation army uniform. Then there was Kamilla, Pekka Victor Samni and Janne. wonderful people and intelligent and great conversations. God bless you all and hope to meet you again..
the guest speakers were great too.


Saved 2 Save 2010

Well classes are over and people are going their separate ways. It is sad to be leaving Visby and all the friends we have made here. We will miss the house and the town and the stimulating discussions and lectures, but it feels like this is really the beginning rather than the end, if you’ll excuse a corny expression! The official training is over and now it’s time to get moving and start doing stuff! Everyone here has different plans as to what comes next and some aren’t sure what the near future holds, but we will all be serving God with every minute of every day and doing our best to let people know how much Jesus loves them and wants to know them. We feel like We’ve got a really solid foundation for our faith now because of all the stuff we’ve had to think about and work out while we’ve been here and we are keen to keep learning and growing in our faith and knowledge. This course really has been amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get to know God and themselves better and work out what they’re in this world for.

So thanks to Peter, Miriam, Kjell & Anki for all the time, effort and love they have put into this course and all of us students individually. We couldn’t imagine a better set of leaders and thinkers than you guys!

Pete & Myf Evans

Marcus Kihlgård

This week we have had 3 excellent people teaching us about church. What it is, what it can be and what it’s meant to be. Victor and Adam Paulsson are passionate about the idea of house churches. They spoke about the concept from a Biblical point of view and focussed on the fact that the church in the book of Acts was about everyone being priests, not just some special people, they called every day the Lord’s day, not just Holy Sundays, and they met anywhere and everywhere, not just in fancy buildings called churches. It really opened my eyes to how much of the stuff surrounding the idea of church is just made up by us and is completely unnecessary.

The other teacher we had this week was Marcus Kihlgård who is an officer in the Salvation Army and along with his wife is running one of the most successful churches in Sweden. His concept was a little different from the Victor and Adam’s but they were complimentary not contradictory which was encouraging. Their church is based on a more conventional structure (eg, sunday services and what not) but it is based strongly on small groups and deep relationships rather than programs and performance. And it’s working!

It has been a really eye-opening week, I won’t think the same way about the concept of church again.

Myf Evans

Miserable Weather at Tjelvar's Grave

Only about three weeks more to go before the end of the course and thought about it brings a sense of sadness within my heart. Somehow I find myself wishing that course was much longer and that people stay here together. Anyways the purpose of the course is not to have a bunch of saved Christians hanging around here but go out there and start fishing.

Fårö Kyrka

On the 5th of May we decide to get out of the classroom and just go out for a trip to the northern ends of Gotland on a small island called Fårö. Just the thought of leaving the serious and sometimes tense classroom and just be outside and interact with each other and enjoy the sunshine on the coast and have barbeque excited most of us and I really looked forward to having this trip. Knowing the swedish undependable weather I just hoped this would be a nice sunny day. The day started unbelievably rainy and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke up and opened the curtains, it was pouring on a day most weather forecasts predicted a 25% chance of rainfall. I immediately told Lanre that day was spoiled and that it was better to cancel the whole trip.

The Gang at Lunchtime

We set off anyway in three cars and not so long afterwards as if the rain was not bad enough it started to snow. We went in the strength of God and dared the cold. We made our first stop Just south of the town Slite, near the east coast of the Baltic island of Gotland where there is a stone circle (or rather stones set to outline the shape of a ship) called Tjelvars Grav.
Now this is the guy thought to be the first man to settle on Gotland about 6000 years ago. It was interesting to hear the story about him and the evil Gotland before Tjelvar lit the fire and chased away the evil.

From Tjelvars grav we drove to Slite and had Fika(coffee break) in Petra’s garage. We couldn’t find the key to inside but it was nice to sit outside. Afterwards we had a shot stop at the cement pit mine before heading off to Fåresund the most northern town on Gotland. To go to faro you need to get onto a ferry which carries you over the straits. Now something funny happened here, our turn came to get on the ferry and one of our beloved friends Jonas was nowhere to be seen. Only when the ferry was almost half way on the water then did we see Jonas left behind, it was kind of funny though I hope he does not miss the rapture too. Luckily the ferry goes every half an hour so the lost ship was brought back.

Rock Formations at Fårö

On Fåre glimpses of sunshine brought hope to my discouraged heart. First we stopped at an old church and we got a chance to see the grave of Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman who lived and died on Fårö.

I found something on wikipedia which I thought would be great to know about this island. The name ”Fårö” (in Gutnish”Faroy”) is derived from the words ”ö”, meaning island, and ”far-”, which is a word associated with travel like in the Swedish word ”farled” (fairway). The word Fårö probably means the island you have to travel to or the traveler’s island. Mainland Swedes might misinterpret the name Fårö to be derived from får, the Swedish word for sheep, due to the many sheep on the island. However, the Gutnish word for sheep is ”lamb”.

Just to make the long story short. We had a nice time on the island, sunshine came and we had sausages grilled and played some funny games from Gerd and ended up with a wonderful meal at Peter and Florence s beautiful home in Ekeby.


Because we have started the ”2save” part of the course, the students all have to think of, organise and participate in some kind of service or outreach activity. We have come up with some good ideas and the one that I am involved in is picking up rubbish around the city walls. Since the snow has melted, Pete and I have noticed that there is a lot of rubbish building up around the place and making an otherwise beautiful place look a bit scungy. Some other people were interested to join us, so Emelie called the local counsil to ask them if there was anywhere in particular they wanted us to clean and then we got to work. It was actually quite fun and the place looked much better afterwards. We will be doing the same each friday afternoon until we leave.


Gerd, Emelie, Myf & Pete (Pekka took the photo)

Pete (this isn't posed!)

Pete & Myf Celebrating in the Park