We have almost finished our first week of lectures and it has been very challenging and interesting.  Kjell and Peter have shared the teaching so far on the subjects of the nature and character of God.  They are both very insightful teachers and have offered new perspectives on a lot of things that may seem like the basics.  They have touched on some tricky subjects like ‘the trinity’ and Peter had some snazzy words like Deism and Theism which dazzle us into believing him 🙂

In one of Kjell’s sessions we talked about how God introduced himself to Moses as Yahweh or ‘I AM’ and how Jesus introduced himself the same way when he was on trial.  In John’s gospel Jesus uses that phrase heaps of times in describing himself eg ‘I am the bread of life’, ‘I am the good shepherd’, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’ etc. so in groups we looked at some of those ‘I ams’ and tried to nut out what they might mean.  It was interesting to hear the conclusions people came to and the exercise helped to shead some light on some of the trickier passages.

Because there are people here from several different countries there are a lot of different opinions and perspectives flying around the room which keeps things interesting.  Tomorrow should be rather heated – we have a session with Peter called Hot Potatoes where we will get the chance to discuss some hot topics like predestination and why God allows suffering.

Pete and Myf