Hej friends,
I never know what God has in store for me when I breakthrough all hurdles that want to deny me the opportunity to be here in S2S. I face a lot of challenges before i can make it to saved2save training school, but i give all glory to God for given me a victory at last.

I never regret chosing saved2save instead of another bible training school.
Despite coming late to the school, i could not believe the warm welcome from Annette at the airport in stockholm. She accommodated us, gave us food and kept us warm in her house after we have suffered from exposing ourselves to great cold in paris france. My younger brother forgot his jacket in the bag and we could not get access to the bag and we stayed for good 11 hours in paris without Jacket. Anyway, that’s one of the day i will never forget in my life.

Far beyond my imagination, what i have gain in this 2 weeks of my training is incredible. Should I talk about the lecturers or the other students now? They have all been wonderful. The mode of teaching here in S2S is quiet different from that of my country. Here in S2S you can disagree with your lecturer right to his/her face and all of the students will make their contribution and conclude on the issue. This is quite strange!!! I am used to hearing “THIS IS HOW IT IS, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT”. But its quite interesting to be given that freedom to express your feelings, I LOVE IT. I guess is the best way of teaching.

My knowledge about God and His nature is deeper than before. I am growing stronger in the Lord. Now should I talk about the Home Groups or the Prayer Walks? That reminds me, something else that ‘s new to me is the idea of conversational prayer. It is one of the first things that was strange to me here. The first time i joined my colleagues for morning prayer, i was like WHAT IS THIS KIND OF PRAYER?. But i have now read the book given to us by Kjell and now I understand it better. (Prayer: Conversing with God by Rosalind Rinker)

I nearly forgot…SNOW,SNOW,SNOW! Its not easy to cope with so much snow. I never see snow in my life before, when I ‘m walking along before I know what is happening i have fallen like 4 times! The shoes i brought aren ‘t good for snow, but thanks to God’s people who have shown me love by giving me winter jacket and shoes i can use. If not it wouldn’t have been that easy here. Its not easy walking on snow, but its all fun and educational. You can enjoy all this too if you chose to be part of the next session.

Till then, remain bless in Jesus name. Amen

Oluwasanmi Omogunloye (Sanmi)