”When I go home, I want my house to be in the same place & I want my pillow back.”  These are the kinds of down to earth truths we got all last week from Jack Kody and Skip Andersen 🙂  They came all the way from North Carolina in the United States to talk to this little group of Swedes and Foreigners.  They taught on their favourite subject: The Father Heart of God.

They were such humble teachers with such a quirky sense of humour that the week flew by and many pearls of wisdom were imparted.  As they were both fathers, Jack & Skip were able to use their own experiences to illustrate how God relates to us as His children.   After an introduction to the concept of the Father Heart of God, they took us through some of the Characteristics of God.

First was that God wants a relationship with us; He doesn’t want us to use formulas or rituals on Him to make Him do what we want.  The second seems obvious, but I think many of us forget this vital point: that God actually LOVES us!  Once we had grasped that simple truth, we moved on to discussing the fact that God says we are not His slaves, but we are His children.  We serve Him out of love, not duty or fear.  The fourth Characteristic of a Father like God is that He speaks words of affirmation into our lives.  At this point we did an exercise to show what an amazing impact words of affirmation can have on us.  We just said true and kind things to each other in the class! It was incredible to hear what people think of us and what people had notied about us – a real self esteem boost!  The final characterisitc we discussed was that a Father like God helps us to form our identity.

Jack and Skip ended the week by giving us all a bit of a treat.  They said they were going to take us to do something that Dads do with their kids.  I immediately thought we were going to try to play baseball in the snow, but instead they took us to a bakery and bought us all tea and Semla (Swedish cream buns).  It was an excellent afternoon of chatting and getting to know each other even better.

This week has given me a whole new idea about who God is, how I can relate to Him and what He thinks of me as His kid.