Pete, Emelie & Myf

In the past week I have gotten an infection on my foot which was getting worse and worse.  I was trying to ignore it in the hopes that it would get better on its own, but no luck.  Anki had a look and decided it needed to be checked out properly, so she called a lady in the church who is a doctor.  Elsa came and did some home surgery on it with nail scissors and alsolsprit and now it’s hopefully on the mend.

The point of me writing all this is just to say how it reminded me that God has given us all gifts and abilities and even training, and it’s so important that we use those, whatever they are, for the good of the people around us.  If Elsa hadn’t been willing to come and help me, even after a really long week at the hospital, I would have left it and it would have gotten so much worse.   Being from overseas it would have been very expensive and difficult to get to another doctor so the favour Elsa did me really was huge!

So thankyou to Elsa and thankyou to God for having such generous and useful people around!