"Come on chaps!"

Peter is our ingredibly British teacher. It’s easy to spot him in a crowd…. he claims it is because he is ‘short and bald’ amongst all the skinny, blonde swedes. I claim it’s because of his massive smile. He has been teaching us about things like the Trinity, forgiveness, grace, demons and the spiritual realms! oooooooooooooooh. He also very bravely has a segment on fridays called ‘Hot Potatoes’. It’s a time when we get to ask Peter all those difficult questions that people just want to pass on to the next person. He has already talked on ”How can God allow people to suffer?” and is soon going to talk on the subject of ”Predestination”. If you don’t know what predestination is…….. join the course!

He is always more than happy to have a chat and he leads his lectures that way. If anyone has a question in the middle of the lecture he is always willing to follow it through or pick it up later on. So no question is left undisscussed! He also has a gift for analogies and often exlains something really clearly through a story or a joke. He’s a real genuine guy that I and many others can learn a lot from. The foundation of my belief has been greatly strengthened because of God working through this man and I look forward to further growth during his upcoming lectures.

Written by Peter Evans