Stojan Gajicki

Well this week has been quite an experience! Stojan Gajicki is a unique character to say the least.  He was teaching on ”God’s Original Plan”.  This was about realising that our value comes from our status as children of God, not what we do or don’t do or what other people think of us.  He took us through how the world’s system of valuing people works.  Unfortunately it is this system that pretty much all of us use to judge and value (or de-value more often) each other.  It was very challenging to see listed the different ways we value people and why we feel it necessary to do so.  Hopefully I will think twice next time I go to use one of these false methods of valuing someone.  Hopefully I will remember that we are all of equal and very great value to God and that’s what matters, not the car we drive, how many things we get done in a day or how pretty our shoes are.

One of Stojan's many cute little characters

We also spoke about how somewhere inside us is our personality which God put there.  It can be wrapped up in all sorts of stuff that’s blocking it’s true colour but it’s there somewhere.  Stojan described this in terms of us being made up hills and valleys.  The hills are the areas of our personality that are there in over-abundance (eg anger isn’t bad unless you have too much of it), and the valleys are areas of our personality that are a bit deficient and need filling up.  Interesting stuff to think about, I guess the trick is working out what’s part of our personality that needs ”restoring to optimal measure” and what is the outer wrappings that need taking off.

All this was presented amidst hilarious mannerisms & jokes and stories from Stojan’s own life that really hit home.  Stojan had an amazingly unique way of teaching and (I have to say it again) he was just so funny!  He has taught here for the last 2 sessions as well as this one, so if you sign up for next year’s S2S course you may be lucky enough to meet him for youself!