Miriam Playing at a Local Cafe

Miriam is our resident radio – she is constantly singing something or other, usually based on an offhand comment.  There are some phrases you just can’t say around Miriam without her breaking out into song!  You can hear her singing all through the house so we always know when she’s around (in fact I can hear her singing as I write this!).

Miriam is responsible for our discipleship training on Mondays.  She loves reminding us that disciple and discipline are similar words so we have to do our homework or else!

Miriam is also my coach.  That means I get to babble on to her for half an hour every Monday afternoon about what’s going in my life here and she gets to smile and nod.  The best thing about Miriam is that she can listen to me every week and still doesn’t think I’m a crazy person.  Pretty impressive hey?  Yeah Miriam’s a great person to have around, wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Myf on a Rock

Myf Evans