Today we borrowed some bicycles from people from church and I showed my Australian classmate Myf a nice path in the forest called “the love path”. It’s a very romantic place with beautiful flowers named “blåsippor” and lots of ivy climbing on the trees. Next time she could bring her husband there. I wanted to make it up to them since last time I brought them for a long walk Pete got a cold and Myf got a sore heel. It was really fun to see the Australian’s impressions and joy when they walked on ice for their first time in life, when they got hit by snow in their face for the first time etc. Pete was slipping around a lot in the beginning almost acting as a kid, which isn’t wrong at all. Now they’re appreciating the spring flowers even as much and both of them gets very excited when the flowers burst out.
We also had a prayer walk in the morning which was really nice and sunny.
I feel a lot blessed to live in the church. There are always people to hang out with and something to do plus it’s close to school, service and other activities.

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