Sanmi & Lanre

I have a priviledge to attend this year an Påsk Bibel Skola (Easter Bible School) at Goteburg, a beatiful city I can say. Our programme was a sucess. One thing i notice in church in Sweden is that people are somehow stiff when it comes to dancing in the house of the Lord. Our experience in Goteburg was not an exception. So, when we were asked to sing at the programme, we had to change our music. We originally wanted to sing slow music but we changed to africa style so that people could at least dance for the Lord. At the begining of the song they tried to dance with us in that Africa style though they struggled with the steps, but later it seems they left every thing for us. Maybe they thought ”let see how these people will be doing it in their own way and we will stand looking”. So we were left alone to do the stuff.
As a musicial, we taught what can we do to carry them along with the music,so we change the music. Tack! Tack! Jesus, then they began to say ”its like these people are singing in our language, can it be true?” So they stand agape, with full attention, ”yes they are sing in swedish, will they sing correctly?” So they begin to watch how we will sing the next line. But to their suprise we sang, Jag vill bara tacka,jag vill bara tacka dig. And there was a shout, ”they got it!” With enthusiam they join in singing, Tack! Tack Jesus.
Do some crazy thing for the glory of God.

Thanks Kjell for the opportunity given to me and my brother