Because we have started the ”2save” part of the course, the students all have to think of, organise and participate in some kind of service or outreach activity. We have come up with some good ideas and the one that I am involved in is picking up rubbish around the city walls. Since the snow has melted, Pete and I have noticed that there is a lot of rubbish building up around the place and making an otherwise beautiful place look a bit scungy. Some other people were interested to join us, so Emelie called the local counsil to ask them if there was anywhere in particular they wanted us to clean and then we got to work. It was actually quite fun and the place looked much better afterwards. We will be doing the same each friday afternoon until we leave.


Gerd, Emelie, Myf & Pete (Pekka took the photo)

Pete (this isn't posed!)

Pete & Myf Celebrating in the Park