Marcus Kihlgård

This week we have had 3 excellent people teaching us about church. What it is, what it can be and what it’s meant to be. Victor and Adam Paulsson are passionate about the idea of house churches. They spoke about the concept from a Biblical point of view and focussed on the fact that the church in the book of Acts was about everyone being priests, not just some special people, they called every day the Lord’s day, not just Holy Sundays, and they met anywhere and everywhere, not just in fancy buildings called churches. It really opened my eyes to how much of the stuff surrounding the idea of church is just made up by us and is completely unnecessary.

The other teacher we had this week was Marcus Kihlgård who is an officer in the Salvation Army and along with his wife is running one of the most successful churches in Sweden. His concept was a little different from the Victor and Adam’s but they were complimentary not contradictory which was encouraging. Their church is based on a more conventional structure (eg, sunday services and what not) but it is based strongly on small groups and deep relationships rather than programs and performance. And it’s working!

It has been a really eye-opening week, I won’t think the same way about the concept of church again.

Myf Evans