Saved 2 Save 2010

Well classes are over and people are going their separate ways. It is sad to be leaving Visby and all the friends we have made here. We will miss the house and the town and the stimulating discussions and lectures, but it feels like this is really the beginning rather than the end, if you’ll excuse a corny expression! The official training is over and now it’s time to get moving and start doing stuff! Everyone here has different plans as to what comes next and some aren’t sure what the near future holds, but we will all be serving God with every minute of every day and doing our best to let people know how much Jesus loves them and wants to know them. We feel like We’ve got a really solid foundation for our faith now because of all the stuff we’ve had to think about and work out while we’ve been here and we are keen to keep learning and growing in our faith and knowledge. This course really has been amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get to know God and themselves better and work out what they’re in this world for.

So thanks to Peter, Miriam, Kjell & Anki for all the time, effort and love they have put into this course and all of us students individually. We couldn’t imagine a better set of leaders and thinkers than you guys!

Pete & Myf Evans