Saved2save school is now over for me. Everyone is looking forward to the future and what way forward and how life is going to be out there. Sadly others have packed there bags and left already. I sit here alone and recall the wonderful memories that i have experienced in the last 5 months or so, but the question is how has saved2saved changed my perspective of life, what has it really meant to me and was it really worthy being here?
Well the answer is , yes. I do not regret coming here and I’m glad that did that. Saved2save has actually changed not only my beliefs but my understanding, views and perspectives about myself, others, the world in general and God(Christianity). I came here as a hopeless angry,person with very low self image and low moral conscious but today i would stand up high with my head held up straight and declare that am of great value and it doesn’t matter what i have done before or what has be said about me or what everyone thinks about me. God loves me and He has always loved me and thinks highly of me just like He thinks about you. My being here has not been by chance, it was by divine appointment. God has taken away my anger, and exchanged it with happiness, He took away my hate and replaced it with love. He took my hopelessness and replaced it with a hope and a vision.God has showed me other ways of having fun and am happy, He set me free and he is still working on me, to make me who i ought to be. so don’t judge me yet.
I just also thought i could mention a bit about has been behind this and how each one in someway or the other helped or lead me. I will start with the resident teachers.
Anki, well, Anki has been a great inspiration, a prayerful woman with a great vision for the school. I felt so safe knowing she was around and i thank God for her caring heart for others and her hate for devil. Anki has been a mother to us. Kjell not only has been a Father to the students but has been a great teacher just like Anki. He provided cakes from unknown sources for the tea breaks. He is also a very wonderful person to be around with, quick to correct but with love. Great smile and sense of humour always ready to listen. I found it easy to speak to Kjell about almost anything but only when the conversation has begun. Peter, Great teacher with alot of humour. Interesting to hear his stories. felt more comfortable to be around someone who has lived in Zambia. Last but not the least is our beloved discipleship teacher Miriam. Also impossible to miss her presence in the house. no matter which flow you are at. she is the singing bird proud of her sweet voice and will almost always sing to anything that comes up. Am glad that i still have the whole summer to get to know everyone well and to learn from them.
The students now. First is Emilie, Meant alot to me, Kind and focused young lady. Been great to meet and to share ideas and knowledge about Christianity and friendship. there is a lot i could mention but i Will just say, i learnt a lot. Peter and Myf, I could see something great in this couple and i believe God is doing something wonderful for his church through them. Always punctual for Prayers, class etc. Been great to pray with Peter and just to know that i could trust him. Kind, friendly and calm. Myf, great personality straight forward young lady, always eager to learn or to stand up for what she believes. meant a lot to me. Lanre, always willing to share thruogh singing and dancing. quick to encourage others and to share the gospel. Gerd, wonderful person with a nice personality, Prayerful and always cheerful person. Talented singer always thankful. Daniel, Humble young man with a bright future. Interested in cars and Dream theater but also in God. Taught me to be proud in my Salvation army uniform. Then there was Kamilla, Pekka Victor Samni and Janne. wonderful people and intelligent and great conversations. God bless you all and hope to meet you again..
the guest speakers were great too.