Not that we actually broke the law and were punished with it. No, the idea popped up, S2S students agreed on it and, before we were aware of it, the day arrived. Provided with trash pickers and big black plastic bags, out we went on our cleaning adventure. We didn’t need to wait to get out of the West Gate of the wall to start picking litter every few meters, and I personally obtained for my bag one of the strangest things found on the outing: a pan. A frying pan. Seriously. I mean, what was a frying pan doing lying down on the street? Nevertheless, we continued with our journey until we got to the place where we were supposed to start.

The original idea was not to get separated from the group, but soon it became obvious that if we wanted to do a good job, or at least as good as it could be done, we had to spread. The space was just too big and we wanted to finish someday, preferably before we started a new week of lectures (next week is all about God’s Father’s heart!). And then it happened. At the beginning, you would find an occasional paper or can. You would keep walking and, yes, some more. But then, as you keep going, you start noticing other things, even between the snow (which was kind enough to try to hide them from us falling just yesterday). The more time I spent picking up trash, the more I would see it. Everywhere. Even in places where I already had being, so I ended up retracing my steps, finding more and more things that I had overlooked. Rubbish everywhere, even when I didn’t want to see it anymore!

All of this gave me a lot of time to think (yes, I can do it from time to time, given the right conditions) and my thoughts ended up in the spiritual track. My ideas floated around our relationship with Jesus and how, when we receive Him, we start seeing things in us that are simply wrong. If we keep looking, we see even more, and it may come a moment when we want to ignore things because it is more comfortable that way, because other people apparently already saw it and it didn’t seem to bother them, or just because we try to convince ourselves that it is not necessary, that it is not so bad compared to other things. But as long as we want to stay in a relationship with Him you just cannot stop seeing it there, waiting for you to deal with it the only way there is: by giving it up to Him.

One other thing came to my mind, particularly when I already had a lot of weight in my plastic bag (no wonder considering that I had a frying pan inside, plus around 100 glass bottles. Ok, make that number a fifth of that) and went to leave it on the dumpster: that when you give up all those things to Jesus you don’t need to sort them out according to the level of ugliness, what you or others consider more aggravating  or any other classification. You just surrender them and let Him dispose of it. Which, thinking about the recycling system in Sweden, really makes a huge difference. =)


The bold adventurous rubbish-pickers!

The article about our adventure (almost)
as it appeared on the newspaper