We have such a variety of activities in S2S! Enjoy of some of the pictures capturing those memories that will stay in our minds for a long time.


Kjell and Anki hurrying up to change the
image so we don’t get confused about the
relationship between turtles and salvation

Our first Saturday together, and going out
for a morning at the museum

This is how Visby looked just before we
arrived to S2S!

Pekka showing Peter the approximate location
of Frälsningsarmen

We have made a habit out of not letting
our teachers to go for fika!

Fellowship meal after classes and before
one of our teachers leaves

Fika after Sunday service!

Being asked to draw what was our image
of salvation…

It is not what it looks like! No, Peter would
never hit Miriam. He is too kind. And she is
too strong.

Peter showing Pekka where The Fall

A winter view of Frälsningsarmen

Emma and Beppe, mother and son